Create profit, systematicaly

Created by Samuel Rondot in 2014, internationally recognized expert in automated strategies, AxioSystem help individuals to grow there savings with the best performing professional tools to invest on the stock market, derivatives and commodities.


The axiology (from the Greek: Axia or Axios, value, quality) defines either the philosophical study of value, either the theory of values (Axios).


A system is a set of elements interacting together according to certain principles or rules.

L’offre d’AxioSystem

Automatic strategies

  • Automated mathematical models that place the orders for you;
  • Based on the CAC, DAX, NIKKEI, ASX200, GOLD, OIL;
  • A hundred of available strategies;
  • Demonstrated performances


  • An automated, intelligent and dynamic coach choosing the best strategies at any time;
  • An optimized performance potential and a controlled risk;
  • A “plug and play” solution – plug and let AxioBot™ work and win for you.

AxioSystem ltd.

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Pourquoi AxioSystem se trouve à Malte ?

AxioSystem ltd.

Our partners

Your funds are safely deposited at the Bank of America
We are referenced with the global broker FXCM
The platform of online trading Mirror Trader allows you to access and monitor the AxioSystem strategies in real time